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About Us

Founded in 1974 by Roberto Zini, the company was initially set up as a small laboratory for the handicraft production and commercialisation of syrups used for preparing slushes and popsicles. Over the years it has established itself in the market with a wide range of distilled spirits, liquors, sweet drinks and syrups (produced, among others, for some important pharmaceutical companies).

A successful company in the Orobic area in Northern Italy, Distillerie Zini has always been devoted to high-quality products and traditional production processes. Evidence thereof is given by the use of the press for extracting the natural essences and the fruit processing which characterise the company.

The main strength of Distillerie Zini is the perfect balance among tradition, technology and innovation. Local raw materials and handicraft production methods, in line with the long-time tradition of the Zini family, go hand in hand with the latest manufacturing techniques. A state-of-the-art in-house analysis laboratory, for example, has been recently opened within the company’s structure for monitoring the entire cycle of production.

With a portfolio of over 350 products, Distillerie Zini is also able to offer high-quality custom products that are characterised by innovative design and packaging solutions and meet the needs of individual customers.

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